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Orange tree pest help w/ pics

13 years ago

Ok, i am as we speak, at my elderly aunts house. She is settling her affairs and she wants me to start a tree from a limb i have taken off her orange tree (some kind of mini orange, variety unkown, she recalls it as bitter) that is 40+ years old, probably more. i think i will be able to grow the limb on its own roots... on that side im good.

I have never had a citrus other than lemon before. is there any fact i need to know now about them? Don't oranges have to get proper sun to develop flavor (might explain bitterness, its not a trifoliate. I couldnt find the graft, there might not even be one on it, so i don't know if it is a sucker or not.

It is a very vibrant, healtly plant, no yellow leaves, several mini oranges growing on tree (but not on my twig. All the leaves are bright green and mildly to highly fragrant, some leaves have a stronger smell than others.

It does have some kind of pest though, definatly some kind of scale, its white and flakes off very easily. Appearnce of dead skin cells.

Help requested: general pest help and identification

can someone attempt discern what kind it is?

pictures of leaves and scale






thankyou in advance, even if you cant help, thanks for the time, and my aunt thanks you too, she says


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