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Suggestions for screening shrubs, anyone?

12 years ago

Hello all, I'm back for more advice :oP

I am going to start the big screening out views of neighbors project soon and I wanted to discuss possible shrubs. My yard has clay soil and the biggest feature is the two old oaks, I'm going for a woodland theme with my plantings. The corner that I want to start planting in gets a little bit of full sun but mostly dappled shade. I would like shrubs that are drought tolerant so that after they are established I can cut their watering, there will be a drip system installed so they won't have to go without but I would like them to require minimal supplemental water. I would also like them to have berries for birds and wildlife to eat.

My friend who is a landscape architect recommended Prunus lyonii, Prunus laurocerausus, or Myrica californica (Catalina Cherry, English Laurel, or Pacific Wax Myrtle.) But when I was looking at those on the website of the nursery I intend to buy them it looks like they all prefer full sun and I'm a little worried they won't be happy in the dappled shade. I was considering Osmanthus heterophyllus (Hollyleaf Osmanthus) because it is evergreen and shade tolerant.

I was planning on buying large plants to get screening fast, so they don't necessarily have to be fast growers. My neighbor keeps cutting down trees to get more sun, so something tall enough to provide privacy without being so tall the neighbor will become irate would be ideal.

Please help!

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