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Amending clay soil / plants struggling

10 years ago

Hi it has been a mix of emotions around d my garden lately. Everytime I plant something new I get hopeful about the outcome. Sometimes things seem to work out. My new lettuces and herbs are looking good! But I my soil is clay and very hard to dig. I have some shrubs planted within last year which look healthy. Others which look ok but are not blooming ( Breath of Heaven). I am wondering if they are too young or is it something else? I am trying to amend the soil but it is a very difficult task. Not only is it hard to dig but the back yard garden is a raised bed of sort. So as I remove some of the bad clay to add in compost and old leaves; there is really no place to put the bad clay except in trash a little at a time. I just planted two rudbeckia and both seem to be dying. I read they need good drainage so I dig as deep as I could and added compost. Is that enough in this gray hard Calif clay? The bk is full sun part of day and filtered the rest. Basically surrounded by cement and tall trees with a few openings. My society garlic is fine , rosemary and peppers did ok this year though not tomatoes??
Sorry this is long.

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