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Watering rooted gollum jade cuttings

sd2102 (8b PNW)
9 years ago

I have 3 gollum jade cuttings that I have been rooting since the end of May. So far they seem to be doing alright, and seem to be getting more sturdy and stable in their pot (so I assume the root system is growing- I don't want to pick them up to check).

For the past few weeks, each of the cuttings has been losing a couple of leaves a week. They shrivel up while still attached, and then drop off. There is new growth as well.

I assume the leaf loss is not a sign that things are going badly, but I'm wondering if I should step up the watering. The cuttings are inside my apartment and get a decent amount of sun. They seem to be tolerating the hot, humid DC weather ok (during the day there is no a/c on so it's quite warm in the apartment).

Should I be watering them as I would normally water a succulent, or continue to water them sparingly to avoid rot?

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