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new cobra lily, what now?

17 years ago

i just bought a cobra lily darlingtonia californica from lowes in one of those small plastic cubes. my questions are, should i leave it in the cube? for how long? should i wait till spring to repot? should i put it outside alongside my vfts and sarracenias so it can go into dormacy, or should i keep it inside with my sundew? i'd really like to keep inside for at least a little while. i've read that the root system needs to stay cool, what's a good way to do this? i was thinking if i keep it inside, i could put an ice cube(distilled water) on top of the moss and let it melt. would this be a bad idea? or should i just flush it with water all the time? also, can i put it in a terrerium? since it came in one, it seems like i could put it in a bigger one and it would be fine. sorry for all these questions. any info would be helpful!

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