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Several questions on my Venus fly trap seeds

12 years ago

I bought a packet of Venus flytrap seeds on the internets, and (as per the seller's instructions), stuck them in my fridge to cold-stratify. On December 4, they will have been in the fridge for 6 weeks (the instructions said 6-8 weeks), so I can begin planting them. I have RO water available (at least in theory, the membrane's probably a bit iffy by now, though it has new other filters).

But I'm trying to figure out suitable planting setups.

I have dried sphagnum moss (not peat moss, just moss). I also have water crystals (these guys: ). And I can obtain other things, but would prefer not to spend much money. What would people recommend? I can try a few different setups, I do have 30 seeds to play with. (I was probably going to plant them in pairs, but still...)

I have one pot set up with shredded sphagnum moss mixed with a bit of watersorb crystal. I'll probably start 2-4 of the seeds in there.

Also, if I can get some pods for my Aerogarden, I can try starting some of the seeds there, probably using more of the sphagnum moss as the medium. Or possibly a (natural) sponge. Or maybe just cotton balls. Should I fill it with RO water, or is the (hard) tap water that's been sitting in it for weeks (without fertilizer) OK? Or should I use a mixture, and if so how much should be RO water? And what medium or mediums would you recommend for this context? (it needs to be something with large enough pieces not to fall out the bottom of the pod, so no perlite or water crystals...)

Which brings me to another question. I may get some Aerogarden pods for Christmas, would it harm the seeds any to cold-stratify for ~ 9 weeks instead of 6-8? Or would the Aerogarden be a bad idea in the first place, so I just shouldn't bother?

Any other advice or tips on starting Venus flytraps from seed?

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