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New-to-me patio home; wet blank slate backyard. What would you pl

11 years ago

Hello all. I'm back at GardenWeb after a long absence with a new home, new soil and new light. I have a small backyard with wet clay, shade and part shade and a privacy fence. The link below (if it uploads properly!) shows the layout... it's approx 20' x 18' with a 10' x 10' uncovered patio and small shed off of the house.

I'm looking for suggestions about periennials, small shrubs, shade plants, plants that can tolerate wet clay, and border plants. And, of course, they all must be tolerant of the brutally hot S.C. summers! I also plan on putting in pavers to the back gate and would prefer as little grass as possible. I tend to like the natural look as opposed to a strictly "tended to" garden.

I also have one other question: I have a sizeable Loquat tree in a largish container, but it's gotten so top-heavy that it's blown over a few times. I'd like to plant it and would appreciate any thoughts the folks on this forum have. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for any suggestions or observations!

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:563591}}

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