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Can I transplant bearded iris now?

9 years ago

Hello fellow Californians,
I have ten bearded iris grown last year in a cushy cutting garden, that are destined to be planted out in my parking strip . I had to wait for road construction to finish ( behind schedule, naturally) before planting them, hence their vacation to the flower bed. I wanted to do it right after they flowered in spring as recommended but it was over 100 degrees in May and never really cooled off until now.
Question is, I find lots of info on dividing or planting iris but none on straight transplanting. Anything I should know? Like : "what are you thinking, transplanting this time of year, you moron?"
Their new home will be on the side of the busy road, along with other tough plants recently installed: lavender, dianthus, thyme, salvia...etc. not the fanciest digs. Zone 15 San Jose: hot, sunny and windy.

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