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Please help me choose a new shrub for my foundation bed

12 years ago

When I planted the foundation beds in front of my house I went for a mostly green theme (ferns and babytears) but I wanted a blooming shrub in one corner so I put a veitchii gardenia in. I wanted something that was evergreen but would bloom sometimes, preferably with white flowers. Well, the Gardenia has been growing for three years and is finally looking pretty good but I don't think it will ever bloom, it never has so I did some research that I should have done before planting it and I'm pretty sure now that it will never bloom. So I want to pull it out and replace it with something else, but I'm having trouble finding what I want, I may need to change my wants.

I was thinking a camellia would be nice, but I can't find a cultivar small enough to not overwhelm the space. I was thinking 3' x 3' would be best for the spot, which gets some morning sun and then full shade in the afternoon. A hydrangea would be pretty, but not during the winter and I kind of want something that looks good year round. Maybe a hardy fuchsia would do the trick? I'm stumped, please help!

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