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early fall/late summer pics

14 years ago

Hey i wanted to share a few more pics and for anyone else who has pics go ahead and post them

Heres my pool bog


Most are sarracenia but the 3 gray pots are vfts

S. alata 'texas form'


very small it was the largest last year not sure why its not producing large pitchers this year.

S. scarlet belle


S. judith hindle


S. flava typical yellow form


S. minor


S. doodle bug


S. rubra ssp. rubra


S. dainas delight


S. alata


S. alatamin


Ive had these for 1 year all of them are 1 plant and i do expect to divide them next year, they were purchased from SNW,, and have been growing very nicely, hopefully next year i can plant them in an inground bog and get some more

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