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Moving from Southern to Central CA: OK to take plants?

15 years ago

Just wondering what people think of taking plants from one area of CA to another hundreds of miles away. I have a fairly mature garden full of California natives and edible things, with lots of new starts of the natives in little 4-inch pots and a few large plants in containers. Building up this collection took so much effort, years and money, it seems a terrible shame to leave it all behind and start over.

It appears that plants are only prohibited from crossing the borders with other states, or carrying obviously infested plants. I will leave behind my beloved key lime tree in a pot that has various minor infestations. But what about the plants that seem to be clean? I have several large and much-adored passionfruit vines and some heavy-bearing blueberry bushes that live in pots, and some palms, and loads of succulents, and many little starts of veggies, Santa Barbary daisies, seaside daisies, california poppies, and could take cuttings of sages and other things. Is this not worth the risk of carrying exotic southern pests further north?

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