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Oak Trees In My Town Dying?

9 years ago

I live in a small rural community in southern california (Potrero, between Campo and Dulzura if anyone knows the area). It is a Chaparral area with not much rainfall but with this drought we are facing, there has been even less rain these years. Driving through town and on the 94 i've been noticing many oak trees with the leafs brown and falling off. Some of these trees have some green leafs, and others are completely brown.
On my own property I have a large old oak tree that is now almost leafless, due to leafs browning and falling off. It still has some green leafs on one branch. Another tree close to that one is completely browned. And a tree maybe 30 feet from that one is mostly green, but has a bit of browning here and there.
I'm assuming the trees are turning brown because of these years of drought but then I see other trees that are doing fine. Maybe some areas have more underground water than others. Has anyone else noticed this happening to their trees? And are these trees dying or will they bounce back from this in fall and winter when it starts to rain?

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