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I'm Fed UP!!!! Digging up ALL my brugs!!!!

15 years ago

OK so I cant deal with this BS anymore. I HATE HATE HATE my soil. We just got sooo much yard was flooded. We got more rain the next night(last night)..flooded again. The middle of my yard is still moist, but my beds are bone dry again. Ridiculous how we get so much rain, and I still have to water the next day. I am Fed up!! So, I dug up (almost) all my brugs today and potted them. The ones in pots just do so much better, and I dont have to water them as often. Funny how it is opposite for me than everyone else. Just have 2 left to go, Lucky's Orange and a Coral Pink. I wont touch the CP right now though, she has a bud that is just starting to pop. I hope I didnt just jinx it.

Fed up? what kinda saying is that, lol. doesnt even make sense when I look at it typed, lol.

Anyway, I can't believe that when I was digging them up they all had hardly any roots at all. The ones in pots are full of roots! Nice healthy beautiful roots. Inground ones roots' are just crap! All that rain, and when I dug, the soil was BONE dry, like it hasnt had water in years. Doesnt matter how much I ammend..its just a waste of money here.

I'm just so ticked. Oh well, on the bright side, I can look at them better now. See all the undersides real good. And if need be, raise them up when they bloom.

I just needed to vent.

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