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Monarch Chrysalis problems

14 years ago

well, the one on my window seems to have flown away and the remaining chrysalis skin (?) seems normal enough. However, the ones we brought inside are less exciting. One fell and I'm certain it's not doing well. No green goo but it is a light green color and somewhat dented. I'll keep it for a few more days I suppose and see what happens.

Then I have another that is attached too a branch and has begun to look transparent but one of the abdominal segments seems "stretched". It's like a ring of black/orange. I haven't seen any pictures of it online to indicate it is normal or not. Wondering if this one is a goner too.

I did find a few more attached to our pool cage so I'll be watching them over the next few days. That will make me happy if the two inside are d.e.a.d. :(

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