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Lanky Brug

12 years ago

Hey All,

It's been a while since I've posted here and since then (more than 2 years) I've been working on the same brug (indoor potted) with very little success. There have been a few challenges in there that explain some of its lack of cooperation but I'm hoping that there is something I can do to get this thing growing like it used to.

To summarize the strife thus far: 1 job move (during the winter in Saskatchewan), 1 office with no windows for several months (used a grow light) and 1 break at its trunk base resulting in all leaves wilting and a mass pruning/cutting to save what branches I could.

The result of that is a tall lanky trunk with not a ton of growth and not the greatest looking leaves. No blooms yet since I've been growing it (yet several friends and family with cuttings from this very plant have many blooms...grrr, at least I know what color the flowers will be).

I've included a picture for reference. I believe the plant is very root bound in its current pot and I'm willing to bet that if I repotted it with some significant pruning of the root ball that might help, but before I do that I'm coming to the pros ;) Ask what questions you will and I'll answer and hopefully together we'll get this thing blooming!

The first pic is from last August, right before I had the trunk break, and the second pic is from today. Not exactly the kind of progression one likes to see in a year.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to your input!


{{gwi:535073}}From Plant Pictures
{{gwi:535074}}From Plant Pictures

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