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Monarch Chrysalis time to eclose?

15 years ago

The chrysalis that I posted a week or so ago has turned dark and I can see the wings through the skin of the chrysalis. Thing is, I am wondering what's the normal amount of time until the butterfly emerges? I'm concerned that a week is too long judging by what I'm reading. I'm not seeing any excessively dark coloring or long strings coming out of it. Nothing to indicate it's sick or diseased, it's just not coming out.

Should I place the chrysalis outside? We've had some unusually cold nights here in Florida this last week and our home was chilly (60s) but not frosty. The chrysalis only gets a few hours of direct sunlight at the moment. Do Monarchs overwinter?

Suggestions welcomed.

Oh, and I had to freeze a cat I had been keeping, again. It was definately Black Death. Poor dude. I found another one that died before pupating of the same thing on my pool screen. Luckily, though, the other chrysalises around the yard seem to be ok. And I've sterilized ALL the cages I've been using as well as all the floral water holders. I read how bad that stuff is.

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