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NEED: Suggestions for Brugs in San Diego?

18 years ago

Hello to all,

First, I have to tell a background story, so please bear with me. Then, I need all of your expert help.


I love your forum. I also LOVE Brugs! Unfortunately, I have never had one in my own garden/yard. During the summers, I go running in the evening. About a mile from my house, there is a woman who has a TON of Brugs. I literally mean a TON. I feel as if I am running through a perfume factory when I run by her front yard. I have counted 7 Brugs in her front yard alone, and they are huge and ALWAYS blooming. Most of them are peach or yellow in color, but she has a couple of them that are white. I know she has a lot of Brugs in her back yard, but I'm afraid to "trepass" so that I can check out her back yard.

Why am I afraid? Well, two reasons. The very first time I saw her Brugs, I had no idea what they were. I'd never seen flowers or plants like that in my life. I instantly fell in love with the look of the blooms. The little old lady in the house happened to see me walk on to her lawn so that I could get a closer look and she came running out of her house SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. Scared the crap out of me! To make it worse, I couldn't understand what she was saying because I found out later that she only speaks Polish. All I understood was "NO, NO, NO!". I tried to tell her that I was simply fascinated by her beautiful garden, but she shooed me away like a pesky fly.

Needless to say, I felt like Nancy Drew and I just HAD to find out what that plant was. I found out eventually from friends, and then I had this insatiable urge to see her backyard because I heard it was even more spectacular out there. Since she lives downslope from our home (very steep), I decided to climb up on our roof deck with my boyfriend's hunting binoculars. I located her house off in the distance from my rooftop. Couldn't see much but I did see the little old lady on her backyard deck, and I swear she knew I was staring at her from my rooftop! She was looking right at me as I saw her through my binoculars!!! Oh boy. That was freaky.

Needless to say, I've since changed my investigative ways. The little lady is known to be a "meanie" from what I hear, but after finding out that Brugs could be toxic, I like to think that she came out screaming like a banshee because she was trying to protect me. Maybe?

I still run by her house every evening just so I can admire and smell her wonderful flowers. If she happens to see me, I just run by faster. It is so funny that I'm so scared of her because I'm not a scaredy-cat at all.

Oh well, that now brings me to why I'm posting such a LONG message. I WANT BRUGS TOO!!! Help me please! I have a hot tub in the backyard (my only splurge since I graduated from school because I still drive my 14 year old Honda!). The hot tub is in the corner of the yard. It has an "L" shaped flower bed behind the hot tub that is about 3 feet in width. I'd like to plant 2 or 3 Brugs back there so that when I'm in the hot tub I can smell that wonderful Brug perfume. I can't wait!

Here are my questions:

1. What are good Brugs for San Diego?

2. That corner of the yard is on the hot, west side of the house, but the soil is shaded from the sun from the hot tub's shadow. Is this realistically a good place for Brugs?

3. Are there other colors of Brugs? I like pink, if possible.

4. Are all Brugs fragrant?

5. Does anyone know where I can buy Brugs in San Diego? I've been to all the big nurseries but they only have seeds. I'm no good with seeds.

6. What are good soil conditions for Brugs? Water and fertilizer needs?

7. Am I better off putting the Brugs in a large container next to the hot tubs rather than in the ground?

8. Is it too late to plant them now? We don't really have a "winter" per se. Our coldest months in my neighborhood are January and February, but even then it only gets into the high 40s at night. But that is only for my neighborhood since since San Diego has 6 micro-climate areas.

9. Will my Brugs look like the little old lady's Brugs? Lush and full? Please say yes because I am in LOVE!!!! (If it is at all possible to actually fall in love with a plant/flower, then I am in love!)

10. How can I get in good with the little old lady so that I can check out her backyard Brugs? Anyone know Polish in this forum who can help me with some language tips?

Thanks to all for taking the time to read my message. I'm sorry for it's length, but this is what happens when I have coffee. I drink it only on Fridays, so beware!

Thanks again!


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