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New Plants From Cobra

17 years ago

I got my new plants from Cobra yesterday. Here's what I got this time:

S. Judith Hindle

S. Ladies in Waiting

Drosera Northern Dewthread

Drosera Southern Dewthread

Drosera English Sundew

Utric. Bladderwort Longifolia

Utric. Bladderwort Livida

Utric. Bladderwort Bisquamata

Drosera Fork Leaf Sundew Red

Drosera Cape Sundew

Does anyone have any experience with growing bladderworts? This is a first run for me.

I also got my WaterMaker Mini and water meter (thanks Sheldon!) and I'm now waiting for the first gallon. I also order a terrarium thermo/hygrometer (thanks LLeopardGGecko!)

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