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WANTED: Greensboro/High Point Area Fall Swap - Oct 7th!!

16 years ago

Is everyone ready? Cuttings rooted, plants divided and potted up? Seeds gathered?

Here's the info...

What: The 1st Fall Swap for the Greensboro/High Point and surrounding area

Where: Oak Hollow Park - Shelter #1 (directions below)

When: Oct 7th 2006

What time : The shelter is ours from 11 to 3. We can get there earlier and I'd like to suggest a 10:30 set up time and we'll start the swapping at 12:00.

We'll stick pretty close to the way we've learned to do things at the Raleigh Swap, so if you've been to that then you have a good idea of how things will be. For those that haven't been, the general idea is everyone places their plants inside the shelter. We all step outside and when the bell is rang we get to grab one plant. Try not to run anyone down (heehee). We'll keep doing that and upping the number of plants you can take until everything is gone.

There are bathrooms and a playground for the kiddies right next to our shelter. Since the playground is right beside the shelter it might be best if the kids are not in the shelter during the main swap. Don't want anyone to get squooshed or hurt.

I don't have John's extensive knowledge of plants so I thought we'd let the people that bring the plants answer any questions that you may have before we begin. If you've arranged a special trade it would be easiest to do that in the parking lot near your cars. We should be small enough to do it this way for now.

You may also bring any garden magazines, nursery pots or anything garden related for the general swap. Vickie has a 'Special Trades' thread started on this board for anyone wanting to do some special swaps!

Instead of a potluck this first time out how about we keep it simpler with finger foods and drinks? Let me know what you all think of that.

Now for the directions!

From east of Greensboro take I-40 west to exit number 210 which is the High Point/PTI Airport exit. Turn left going towards High Point (not towards the airport). Turn right if you're coming from west of Greensboro. This is Hwy 68. It's 5 miles from the exit to the park. You'll see the Drexel Heritage Furniture building on your right and the very next drive/road is it. There's a Law office (Wyatt, Early, Harris and Wheeler) right across the road from it. If you see the sign for the Jesse Haywood Washburn Memorial Dam then you've just passed it. There is a second entrance just past that sign but it takes you to another part of the park..

Once you've found the entrance there are only 2 shelters in this area and we're in #1. This is part of the Oak Hollow Dam/Lake on Hwy 68/Eastchester in High Point.

If you have any questions you can post them here or contact myself or Vickie (Dtpforu). Hope to see everyone there!!

Deborah aka RootDiggerNC

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