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WANTED 2.0: Special Trades for Sep 9 Raleigh Swap

karen__w z7 NC
17 years ago

(Continued from WANTED: Special Trades for Sep 9 Raleigh Swap)

Krystol, my white beautyberry is C. americana if you want to try both species. I think I have enough seedlings out there to bring you one, but I'll dig them all this weekend to be sure. I also have some liriope, not a lot but 'some', if you want that, and could cut some vinca stems to bring unrooted to the swap. I've been cutting and composting it the past couple of weeks but can hold off on further haircuts until Sept. I'd love a cutting of Camellia 'Kanjiro', even if it's not rooted by the swap.

Liz, I'll post my salvia cuttings this weekend, but just off the top of my head, I've started cuttings from 'Pat Vlasto' and also of a hot pink seedling that has been relatively compact in my garden. One of those might fit the bill.

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