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My jades: pics and a question about jade aesthetics

13 years ago

Hello all,

I've had my jade plants for about 3 years. I bought them at a local greenhouse/nursery for about $5 in a small pot (Bloomington, IN). I separated them into 3 and have since let one grow unrestricted, one I'm working on making a bonsai tree, and another I'm hoping to simply shape into something nice mostly with leaves on the ends and a thick woody stem. I'd like to share my pics with you all and get some feedback. Forgive my relative plant ignorance.


The larger 'bush-like' one


The one I'd like to shape.

I didn't get a good shot of my bonsai tree, at least not one that does it justice.

So some questions, what do you all do to avoid long branches that droop? Maybe the plant is getting over-watered? Maybe I need a drier medium? I'm finding that with heavy leaves the longer branches droop a bit. Also, is it a general rule of thumb that stripping branches of leaves helps strengthen the branches and give them that nice woody quality? And finally, can anyone id what type of jade this is? My greenhouse just calls it crassula, so of course I know it's not a variegated kind. I see that many peoples jades have the ovular shaped leaves, or leaves that are tinted with color. How does mine compare with regards to care, growth capacity, etc.? Sorry for the overabundance of questions. Feel free to just take one of my questions or tell me my jades need a lot of work. Oh, final question. Do you notices what looks like bites taken out of the leaves on the second pic? How would you deal with that? Soapy water? Alcohol swabs?

Thanks so much!!!


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