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WANTED: Fall 2014 Raleigh Plant Swap

9 years ago

The Raleigh Fall Swap will be held Saturday, October 4th 2014 at White Deer Park - Pine Shelter in Garner. The shelter is reserved from 1pm til 4pm. Swapping will begin around 2 depending on if everyone has their offerings in place or not

Everything will be the same as in past swaps. We have the shelter from 1:00pm til 4:00pm so show up early and help people haul plants to the shelter.

We have three activities going on at the same time - the general swap, special trades, and the picnic. You are free to join in on any of them. The general swap is done in a modified Round Robin style where I ding a bell and you get to grab a limited number of plants and then stash them in your special hiding spot away from the shelter. After a few rounds all heck breaks loose and we just grab all the left over plants. The special trade swaps are off to the side and are where you exchange plants one-on-one with someone you have arranged a trade with. There will be a Special Trades thread started here on the Carolina Garden Web Exchange subforum to handle all the details. The only rule is that you need to keep your special trades away from the main shelter or else someone may take them during the general swap. The picnic is after the swapping. A Swap Food List thread will also show up where people can announce what they will be bringing. There are a few grocery stores nearby so that items can be picked up on your way to the park if you don�t want to cook.

As in the past we have no rules, you are free to haul anything gardening related to the swap and give it away - this includes live plants, seeds and bulbs, cuttings, pottery, tools and equipment. One thing that sets our swap apart from others is that we do not require you to even bring plants to participate. We always have way more plants than people. If you feel guilty taking something for nothing you can always bring food for the potluck picnic.

Here�s the town of Garner�s web page about the park: and Recreation/Parks.aspx?ID=25

An easy way to get there is to take the Beltline to exit #299 and turn South (away from downtown Raleigh). The road you are on is Hammond or Person (it has two names). Stay on this same road as it crosses Hwy 70, by now it has changed names to Timber Drive. Take Timber Drive all the way to Aversboro Street and turn Right (this intersection has a Wallgreens, a CVS and a Lowe�s Foods). There is a small city sign showing how to get to White Deer or Lake Benson Park. White Deer Park is on the right side of the road. There is a church on the opposite side of the street. If you see a big wooden sign for Lake Benson you have gone one short block too far.

Once you enter the park take the first turn to the left and drive until you see the big parking lot. I think the parking lot is one way. Our shelter is after the turn and right up against the parking lot. Look for the small sign that says "Pine" up on the eave of the building. There is a map on the park website above.

The parks address is: White Deer Park 2400 Aversboro Street Garner NC 27529

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