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HAVE: Charlotte Fall Plant Swap 2012- Sept 22

11 years ago

Charlotte Fall Plant Swap 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2-4pm

Shelter #3, Park Road Park, Charlotte, NC

For first time swappers - we don't care if you have weeds (natives) or high dollar orchids. If you have plants to give away and want them to go to good homes, this is the place to be. We trade anything and everything. If you don't have much, don't worry - we don't have rules about that either. It would be nice for everyone to bring snacks or food to share. Hopefully everyone will go home with more than they brought! Other gardening stuff is also welcome- pots, books, magazines, potting soil, statues, etc.

How it works: You show up early and place your plants in with all the other plants (there are no sections - we do this on purpose). You find a spot away from the shelter where you can stash the plants you grab during the swap. I will stand up and welcome everyone to the swap and ring a bell. You get to grab ONE plant and take it to your stash zone. We do this two or three times before we change it to TWO plants per ring and then THREE plants and finally we have a free-for-all where everyone wrestles for the leftovers. Then we break into the food! If you have something that is extra special you may choose to arrange a "Special Trade" with someone. Special trades are handled before and after the general swap to avoid confusion. (If this description looks familiar to you, it's because I borrowed it from the Raleigh Plant Swap coordinator, John, with permission, of course!) Take a peek at the Raleigh swap post to see how they arrange special trades, etc.

After the swapping is over, we'll sit down to enjoy a potluck meal/snack, so please bring a dish to share along with your plants. Also, if you are inclined, you can leave a small donation toward the renting of the shelter. We have the shelter all day, so feel free to come early. I'll be there around 1 or 1:30. The swap will start at 2. Let me know if you have paper plates, cups, napkins or nametags that you can bring. Thanks!

Park Road Park is located near the corner of Park Road and Tyvola Road. Simple directions: from I-77, take exit 5 for Tyvola Road, turn east as if you're going to South Park Mall, go 2.5 miles, turn right onto Park Road (at the brand-new AutoBell), take the first right onto Closeburn Road, which is also the park entrance, then take the first left into the parking lot and shelter #3 is at the end of the parking lot. The small #3 on the shelter is hard to see. If you find yourself at a playground, you're at the wrong end of the park. You can drive through the park to get to us, or go back onto Park Road and look for the park entrance at Closeburn Road. The address that the city uses for this park is 6220 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209, but that didn't work for me on googlemaps. It would've had me about 2 miles out of the way. I'd suggest using the intersection of Park Road and Tyvola (Or Park Road and Closeburn Road) as your destination for googlemaps or GPS.

Here's a link to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg website about Park Road Park, including a map of the park:

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