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avocado leaves' tips turning brown (pics)

10 years ago

hi I bought an avocado from Home Depot and lately i been dealing with this problem with many of my avocados it seems it causes from many things including drainage salts sun etc.

ive changed the soil in my avocados to a catus-based one from kellog which improved the drainage drastically.



but it hasnt resolved the tip brown problem, just reduced it.

Ive been watering the avocadoes in the morning, letting them dry, preventing the wet feet at night which causes root rot.

not solved the problem either.

I think the problem remains in Tijuana municipal water, I dont know which minerals are in it, but it looks whiteish, i must note that it is not potable like in the us'




as you can see there are some big holes it seems i got over that pest, so i dont think it is the cause of the brown tip.




Do you know whats happening with my avocado tree?

What do you recommend for this problem?

What is the name of the plague in the pictures above?

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