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A crockpot grown unknown&2 unknown agave

13 years ago

yeah I agree the crockpot is bad.I tried getting an ID 3 years ago and no luck.I got it in the crockpot& 3 yrs ago couldn't even get it out so re staked it& top dressed it.the lady that had it grew it on a shaded porch.i've grown it on north side of porch for 3 years,but this time its in backyard behind house looking west into the woods.I'd give a good guess of 3-4 hours full sun.Has scale on the older had bug issues when 1st got it.I fineally drenched it in Daconil & seemed to cure its issue.

I mostly need to know how hardy is it?

Could I plant it in the ground?

I don't water it,I let it live on whatever rainfall we get.In the winter I move it inside of shed towards the back with a donkey ear optuina & it gets NO water then Dec- March.The shed don't have doors no more cause of hurricane rita.





The agave

the one in pot I'm not sure but think century plant.the mother was huge like a chevy luv truck.i'm going to get 3-4 more babies& also like to know how far will need to space the babies to eventually form like a 'mass' of covered area...something a lawn mower won't need to go through.

the green one I picked out of a yard while waiting on water& ice after hurricane rita& forgot about for a MONTH in my trunk& it lives.I'd say its 5 years old.Its just started sending out pups actually 5 all together.2 came end of summer the rest are smaller.I'd like to trade a pup off for a cream& green variegated one I lost.Rita sent a tree right down on that agave had a blow out it couldn't recover from.

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  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5
    13 years ago

    I don't know about the Agave, but the cactus looks like a Trichocereus pachanoi that's seem some hard times. It will take a light frost, and maybe a little freeze, but it is from the (relatively warm) hillside of the Andes. A good measure to use is no wet feet when it's cold. You should water it in its growth season (now).

  • norma_2006
    13 years ago

    I don't know about the Agaves either, and I grow a lot of them, I even have a book, they certainly need more sun, and more space. Mcharris gives good accurate advise, I think they can take the cold, down to at least 20F Make sure you grow them on the dry side all year around and none in the winter (cold weather) months.

  • njoynit
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    So no ideas about the Agave?

    I'll attempt again to get the plant out of the crockpot.I think I'll keep doing what I've done in the winter but not as far back in shed so can still get light in the winter.