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WANTED: Special Trades for Sep 9 Raleigh Swap

17 years ago

So first I thought, it is too early to start this post and about how exhausted I was last swap. Then I thought how we have to break our spring record of what? over 300 posts? Anyway, post away if you have something special or if you're looking for something special. I guess Tammy and John are taking care of some labeled stakes, and it looks like the consensus is to get there early if you're doing specials. (Last spring I was there an hour early and still never had time to take a breath.) I hope to get to know at least a few new traders this time.

Shari and I qualify for the "most in need of an Intervention", because we already arranged a 'Bright Edge' yucca for a 'Autumn Moon' camellia in mid-June. Now that you can point to us as the sickos, please feel free to trade away as obsessively as you like. As last time, many of us posted our specials on our "Trade" pages as well.

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