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Yet another Mealy Bug Question

14 years ago

I did a search here, but couldn't find the exact answer to my question.

4 days ago I noticed that there were quite a number of white "cottony" areas all over my cactus. I looked this up here and noticed that this means, I have mealy bugs. I quickly moved this plant away from the others and sprayed it with a soap/water mix (I believe I read somewhere else to use 2 tbs of soap to a gallon of water). I then checked to see if the other plants were infected, and thankfully, I did not see any bug movement or white patches.

Since then I've sprayed and killed any moving bug and have taken the plant out of the pot and discarded it. I also pulled out each "cotton" bit with a tooth pick and went through the roots to be sure that there is nothing alive in the area.

So, my question is. It says on the FAQ's to spray the plant every two days for two weeks with the soapy water. Does this mean, just spray the plant and soil that I can see, or do I have to pull it out and go through the roots every two days for two weeks? I should also note that I never found any of these bugs in the roots, most were living at the base of the plant, just under the soil.

As well, I contribute this to the lack of watering, because I was trying my best not to over water. As well, this is my first time owning cacti, so I didn't know what I was looking for when I searched for bugs when I initially bought them.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance!

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