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How to keep Wild Indigo Duskywings over the winter?

12 years ago

This summer went so fast and I didn't even realize how late it is, but now that I have some Wild Indigo Duskywing cats eating some Baptisia australis that I took cuttings of, it just dawned on me that these will overwinter as cats. I had brought some in a few years ago around this time of the year and read online that they overwinter as cats when it's late in the year like this. Maybe they're better off if I put them back outside because all of the ones that I kept over in our other building (storage shed) over the winter ended up dying. I don't know what the secret is to having them make it over the winter, but I'm considering putting these back outside unless I find out what I should do. I think they'd stand a better chance out there if the past is just going to repeat itself.


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