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How much water is too much?

Sandra Tran
13 years ago

How much water is too much water for drought tolerant plants? I purchased 4 different species of mimulus plants (monkey flower) and a couple of Cleveland sages for an elevated bed. They all seem to be doing quite well except for my mimulus aurantiacus. I was told that the plants needed to be watered regularly until they were established and then once every couple of weeks afterwards. I've been watering this bed every 5 days and they are in a partially shaded area getting some afternoon sun. The leaves from the aurantiacus are droopy and turning yellow although it's placed right in between 2 other monkey flowers, purchased at the same time under the same watering and sun schedule. Are the hybrids species less hardy? What could be the problem with it? I was wondering if it was too much water or maybe I should move it to a full sun spot.

Btw, I'm in Dana Point, south Orange county. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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