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Bermuda Grass Weed infestation in my Society Garlic bed - Ornamec

13 years ago

As the title says, my Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) bed is infested with the bermuda grass weed. At this point I've decided to go chemicals (sorry to those offended by that) to get rid of the weed. Up to now I've been either pulling them or using round-up, and unfortunately the slight overspray I had already took out some plants I wanted to keep.

I've read that Ornamec does a great job and is generally safe for other plants, so I'd like to use that. I have two questions.

1.) Does anybody here have experience using Ornamec in an area with Society Garlic? Did it survive? I know Ornamec is not meant to be used on produce or anything that will be consumed, and this isn't the kind of garlic (most people) eat.

2.) Does anybody have any experience with any drought-tolerant plants and Ornamec? Which ones played well with it? I'm not beholden to staying with the Society Garlic, and at this point I'd rather plant something that will stand up to occasional applications of the Ornamec so I can hopefully get rid of (or at least manage) the bermuda issue.



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