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Tips for growing Aristolochia tomentosa needed ....

Although I have several large pots full of Aristolochia fimbriata it seems impossible to keep enough of it going to support all the Pipevine swallowtails caterpillars that use it so I purchased a Aristolochia tomentosa from Mail Order Natives a couple of years ago, but it didn't make it. Perhaps I planted it in the ground too soon and it got missed by the water hose with all the watering I had to do during the drought of '08.

Before I try it again I'd like to know first if this is the best pipevine to grow in San Antonio Texas and if there are any tips on growing it that I need to be aware of.

Also how long will it be until the plants gets large enough to support swallowtail caterpillars? Would you recommend that plants be purchased now or wait until spring?

And does anyone have any fair size roots to sell or trade? If so you can email me through my page.

Thank you!

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