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My (modest) collection

11 years ago

Hello, this is my first time sharing pictures on here and i thought i would show you guys my rather small collection of cacti and succulents here in Michigan.

Madagascar Palm {{gwi:558123}}">

Zipper Plant (euphorbia anapilia?) {{gwi:558124}}">

Assorted cacti {{gwi:558125}}">

Agave Potatorum {{gwi:558126}}">

Agave Victoriana {{gwi:558127}}">

Opuntia Monocantha Variegata {{gwi:558128}}">

Agave Parryi var. truncata {{gwi:558130}}">

Aloe Vera {{gwi:558132}}">

Aloe Vera pups from previous plant {{gwi:558135}}">

Rhipsalis and other epi cacti? {{gwi:558137}}">

Agave Lopantha 'quadricolor' {{gwi:558139}}">

Same A lopantha-top down {{gwi:558142}}">

And lastly-a sedum (stonecrop) {{gwi:558144}}">

I have never been interested in cacti/succulents until recently, the rest of my plant collection consists of tropicals. I now hope to expand my succulent collection because they are just so architectural. (specifically agaves and aloes). I'm only 17 but i hope to go into landscape design for my career, so i think i will have many opportunities to keep on collecting! thanks!

P.S. sorry for the extr [?]'s before each picture! i dont know what that is!

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