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Vines /other plants good near pool

11 years ago

I posted this in the Vines forum and someone suggested I post it here too.

Hi, I need ideas on what to plant in my raised beds surrounding my backyard pool. The yard is pool surrounded by cement and then the raised beds along the edge with a cinder block wall behind.There is a large pine tree growing in corner of yard in raised bed. I have put in two Ice Berg roses/ Mandevilla vines and a few other small perennials and annuals. I want to hide a least some of the wall and soften the look. But I am having a hard time finding vines recommended for pool areas. The Mandevilla is by Sunset Garden bk. But they don't give many other choices and they are not available locally. I picture another vine with another shrub or two to form the bones. The raised beds are 2 &1/2 ft to about 4 or so ft deep, in some places. I have a few natives in already and am trying to be at least somewhat drought conscious. I bought two Bougainvillea then realized they would be messy near the pool. The area gets to sun- filtered shade. thank you I can't wait to read your ideas!

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