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My son trapped in Texas - Hurricane Rita

17 years ago

My son and his wife and their little girl live in Spring. They couldn't get out because of the jam on I-45, so are riding it out.

I have been talking to them and Yahoo IM-ing all this week. They were in the process of getting a new car. Planned to leave, but the car dealer closed before they could get their car - their old car is a piece of work and they could not drive it out. It overheats in slow traffic, so they would have been among the stranded along the highways - bad situation.

Many motorists stranded on the streets off the interstate. Reports say all the stranded have been helped. Not so.

My daughter-in-law told me that a big inner band was beginning to come around as we were talking on the phone earlier. The clouds are weird looking, like scenes in some Sci-fi movie. She needed to get off and see to some things, but said she would call me back in an hour if the power didn't go out.

We have been leaving our Yahoo IM on 24-7 to stay connected...stay in touch. It suddenly went of just a little bit ago.

It floods where they live with just a hard rain. It flooded there in 2001 when Hurricane Abigail come through. Now this.

We are also concerned about all the tall pine trees in their area. Lovely things and nice shade in summer, but bad in storms. Bad.

~ Annie in Okie

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