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Help with my Jade plant please! A lot of Pictures!

11 years ago

So I have had my jade plant for over a year. It came with 4 stalks and I left them outside of my apartment where it got about 5 hours of sun. One of the plants got bent so I cut it and regrew it and now it almost twice as big as the other 3. I recently moved home but right before I did they started to look a little wrinkly. Once at home I had to keep them outside where I know they got too much sun and rain (I live in Alabama) I brought them in and they don't look any better. So in a haste I decided to clip them but now I'm not sure if it was a good idea. I left one because I noticed small leafs growing from the roots. I would just pick off the dying leafs but now new ones are growing from them. I have a lot of pictures because I'm not sure if I'm making any sense! Also I'm not sure why one of the roots has a whole in the middle. Thanks!









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