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OT: Butterfly cocoon and then some suprise

14 years ago

As promised in another thread, I took the camera outside. AFTER I charged the battery :-(

Which means that since the baby Tarantula had made its way down to the exit between the window and the screen, I thought it was better for everyone to open the window while it was still dark and hope it would go back to mommy.

It did just that so no picture from that one. ...thank You a few of you might say rofl.

Here is the picture of the cocoon and I am glad I took the picture when I did because before then, all that was hanging there were all the cocoons.

{{gwi:515917}}From Pictures for GW friends
{{gwi:515918}}From Pictures for GW friends
{{gwi:515919}}From Pictures for GW friends

Oh there were SO many cats, that they also hung their cocoons on the plants on the table. Like the Plumeria leaves.

see what I mean that the cats were real hungry and ate the whole passiflora

NAP TIME...darn hot out there already.

Stay cool everyone


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