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What is eating my Datura/Brugs leaves & buds?


I am so disappointed. I had heard raves about these two plants and started them both from seed. I have two daturas potted up in large containers and one brug. All of the leaves on all three of these are being eaten. I never see anything on them eating. I don't have Japanese beetes, or other beetles that I have discovered. I come out at night with a flashlight and haven't seen anything on the plant. I have had earwig damage on other plants, but I find them on those plants when I go out with a flashlight, but not on the datura.

Plus whatever it is, is actually chewing on the buds before they even open. One bud, was missing one morning but not on the ground around the plant. What a mess. I am so surprised, since I read so many cautions about how poisonous they are, and have a friend who finds dead chipmunks around her datura, so I didn't expect to get a lot of insect damage. Now they are the most damaged plant in my yard.

Does anyone have any idea what could be doing this?



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