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Damask (or similar) Rose suggestions for a Bay area beginner?

8 years ago

Cross-posting because CA gardeners might have insights into area-specific varieties. I should start by saying that I've never grown roses before. I finally have the space to grow some, and am pining for the kind we had around growing up. I'm given to understand they were damask roses? All I know is they are the ones with highest concentrations of the "rose oil" and had a very strong, typical rose fragrance to them. They weren't traditionally considered the most beautifully or tightly formed to look at, and were pinkish-red in color. (They were also used to make "gulkand" -- a kind of a sweetened rose petal jam/preserve.)

So I'm looking for some type of Damask roses or some others that might have a similar profile and strength of fragrance, that would be suitable for our growing region, and for a beginner grower. I know we have a great nursery nearby that specializes in roses (Regan nursery in Fremont) but they seem to sell them bareroot, and I guess the season to buy and grow them has passed for this year.

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.

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