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have updated my exchange list

17 years ago

Hi everyone. This will be my first year wintersowing. I've tried to go through previous threads to see what people have had success with. I thought it might be a good idea to post my exchange list here too, as well as the Cdn Exchange.

I have tried to include latin names. Some of these are from trades so I don't have much info on them. I have 1 trade for each unless there's a number in brackets

Alyssum "Alyssum saxatile"

Aster - fall aster unknown color

Aster - goliath unknown color

Blackberry Lily (9)

Bleeding Hearts "Pink Old Fashioned"

Blue Eyed African Daisy (Arctotis Grandis)

Calendula "Pot Marigold"

Calendula Mixed

Castor Bean "Ricinus" (Ricin Ornamental"(10 seeds)

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

Cleome - unknown color

Columbine - unknown color (2)

Daisy (Chrysanthemum namum)

Datura "White"

Delphinium "Bluebird"

Delphinium "Belladonna"

Delphinium "Black Knight"

Delphinium "Casa Blanca"

Delphinium "Pacific Giants Mixed"

Echinachea "White" Coneflower

False Sunflower (Heliopsis Helianthoids) (3)

Fleabane - Purple

Forget-me-nots (6)

Foxglove - yellow

Garlic Chives


Golden Glow

Hardy Hibiscus "Light Pink"

Hardy Hibiscus "mix"

heliopsis "Lorraine Sunshine" (Varigated leaf)

Hollyhock - black (2)

Hollyhock - dark pink & white mix (3)

Hollyhock - medium pink (3)

Hollyhock - pale pink (4)

Hollyhock - pale yellow (2)

Hollyhock - unknown color (3)

Indian Grass "Sorgastrum Nutans" (2)

Iris Laevigata ex Medium Blue (4 seeds)

Lavender "French Lavender" (Stoechas)

Liatris Spicata

Lily - orange/yellow

Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus)

Lupine - unknown color (8)

Lupins "Pink Fairy" Lupinus elegans (smells like sweepeas)

Maiden Pinks

marigolds - "Crack Jacks"

Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia)

Miscellaneous Daisy like pink flower

Morning Glory - Purple mix (5)

Nepeta "Blue Moon"

Oriental Poppy Orange red (6)

Passion Flower Vine (Pasiflora coerulea) (2)

Purple Smoke Bush

Rose of Sharon (unknown color) (2)

Rose of Sharon (White with Burgundy Eye)


Salvia "Purle Knockout" (Lyrata)


Silene "Ruby Flax" (Viscaria occulata cardinalis)

Stella D'oro Lily - yellow (2)

Sweet Sultan "The Bride" (Centaurea Imperialis)

Sweet Willium "Wee Willie mix"

Trumpet Vine (Campsis grandiflora)

Veronica - unknown color

Water Plantain (Alisma plantago aquatica"

White Flag Iris (5 seeds)

Wild Lupines - blueish white color

Wildflower Mix

Wildflower Shade Mix

Yellow Bleeding Heart (6 seeds)

Yellow Flag Iris

seeds I'm looking for;

Indian Pea (Lathyrus Sativus Azureus)

Echinachea "Doppleganger"

Echinachea "Sunrise"

Echinachea "Art's Pride"

Echinachea "Magnus"

Malva "Primley Blue"

Clematis "Florida Sieboldii"

Clematis "Florida Plena"

Clematis "Jack Manii"

Verbascum "Cotswold Queen"

Verbascum "summer sorbet"

Buddleia "Bi-Color"

Gaillardia "Oranges & Lemons"

Gaillardia "Fanfare"

Astrantia "Moulin Rouge"

Cosmos "Chocolate"

Yarrow "red"

Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia uvaria)

Delphinium "Sarita"

Delphinium "Delft Blue"

Coral Drops (Bessera elegans)

Mouse Plant


St.John's Wort

Poker Primrose

Lobelia - "Royal Velvet"

Aqueligia "Green Apples"

Corydalis - any variety



Monarda - pale pink

Mondarda - "Coral Reef"

Mondarda - punctata

Astrantia "Rosy"

California Poppy - "Thai Silk"

California Poppy - "Thai Silk Appleblossom"

California Poppy - red

Snapdragon "Cinnamon Bronze"

Oriental poppy - "Watermelon"

Oriental poppy - "Prince of Orange"

Muscari - Golden Fragrance

Vinca "Illumination"

Hardy Geranium - "Johnson's blue

Hardy Geranium - "Platypetalum"

Hardy Geranium - Buxton's variety"

Hardy Geranium - "Splish Splash"

Hardy Geranium - "Patricia"

Hardy Geranium - "Orion"

Hardy Geranium - "Birch's Double"

Russian Sage

Fruit & Veggies:

golden raspberrys

purple raspberrys - Royalty


Soy beans

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