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How did you discover the GardenWeb site?

18 years ago


I recently noticed that I was just starting my fourth year as a member of the GardenWeb site.

Four years ago we were visiting a local nursery to buy a couple of shrubs. As we were approaching the main cluster of buildings I noticed some huge trumpet like flowers on the ground. I had never seen a flower like this before. I picked one up and took it inside with me. The clerk informed me it was a brugmansia. Of course we got one.

After bringing it home, I needed to know more about it. One of the links the search engine found was the GardenWeb site. Even better, the brug entry turned out to be someone who lived in the same community. We eventually met and through them ended up joining the local gardening club. My wife and I are both love the the local club, many of the members have become very good friends. I guess I owe GardenWeb a big thank you.


How did you discover the GardenWeb site?



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