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Scale Insects on Manzanita!! WTH?

12 years ago

Hi, I could use some help. I have a manzanita, about 10 years old, about 5'T by 4'W. Usually, I leave it mostly alone but give it a light pruning after it blooms, about this time of year. BTW, it bloomed HUGELY this year, quite lovely. But as I'm pruning today, I notice a lots of scale on those beautiful mahogany lower branches. I live in Spring Valley, just outside San Diego and we have had more rain than ususal but I have never seen scale on manzanita or pretty much any native plant, come to think of it.

Is anyone else seeing this? Growth seems otherwise normal. I don't use fertilzers or pesticides in the native area (I occasionally use some organic fertilizers and very rarely use OMRI approved pesticides/fungicdes in other areas). I have some scale on other plants (some on citrus) but they are a pretty far ways from the manzinita. Other than being ugly, do I need to worry/do something? If so, what?

It is a beauty and I'd sure hate to lose it. Thanks for your help!


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