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Can anyone help with a shrub or tree recommendation?

15 years ago

Hi Everybody,

IÂm hoping someone can enthusiastically recommend a shrub or tree that would be perfect for this application. We need a natural no-maintenance hedge (no maintenance other than irrigation) that will run in a long row and no less than eight feet high, ideally 10-15 feet high or more.

The shrub or tree should dense enough to discourage foot traffic from pressing through, and, most importantly, it should create visual privacy.

Oleanders keep coming to mind and, in a warmer climate, would be perfect on all counts. The only challenge there is that this property is at 3200 feet and has snow and the occasional freeze. Oleanders supposedly tolerate the "occasional frost", but it feels kind of dicey whether this property is right for a plant that thrives in warmer climates. On the upside, this property is plenty hot in the summer and autumn.

Has anyone ever used Oleanders successfully where there is snow and days of below freezing whether at a time? Would an Oleander lose all its leaves right after a freeze and suddenly shed its privacy-giving foliage? IÂm only familiar with Oleanders in San Diego, which offers an ideal climate for that particular shrub.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what shrub or tree to look at? Or can anyone still highly recommend Oleanders as the perfect solution for a privacy and foot traffic barrier?


John Neumann

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