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is there a plant that deters raccoons?

15 years ago


I've had to fence in my vegetable garden (made up from 1" vinyl square fencing material) to keep the raccoons and their worm-ridden poop out of my vegetable beds. I'd like to pretty up the fence with either a vine or planting something in front of it. Are there any plants that will further deter a raccoon?

I've heard raccoons are soft pawed and might be deterred by a thorny or prickly plant...any creative ideas? All I can think of right now, is a thorny climbing rose.....

Do raccoons have any other dislikes that I can use to my advantage? I know they don't like water blasts but rigging up a motion detector water sprayer in the midst of water rationing won't be good. Any other ideas?

enjoy the day!


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