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Cannas will grow anywhere!!!!

18 years ago

Talk about lazy!!!

2 years ago I got a few cannas from my aunt. Since we had just decided to move from Florida to Arkansas,they did not get planted. The cannas were placed on a black plastic trash bag with only the dirt that was on them when they were dug up and tossed into the truck with the other household goods.This was then tossed on the porch in a corner and forgotten. This was behind a houseplant stand that comes in during the winter.

The only water they got was the rain and what little may have dropped from the houseplants whan they were watered.They also suffered through 2 bouts of winter with no protection.

Now its 2 years later and I get energetic and clean off the porch to get it ready for all the houseplants to come back outside.When I moved the plastic they were "planted" in, I was suprised to see that they were still alive. Not only were they alive, they had leafed out and mutiplied. Talk about a mess of seperating them. Roots were intertwined everywhere.There was less than 2" of soil left on the tubers. I just hosed off all the dirt and started seperating the mess. What started out as 4 seperate plants now have become 30 2 and 3 eyed seperate plants. All have been potted in anything I could find rangeing from left over pots to 3lb margerine bowls, 2 are even planted in an old pair of boots that were left in the garage by the previous owners. I realize they will have to be repotted as they grow but,they are probably loving their new found space to grow.

I will be searching the yard to find a permanent home for them.

This just goes to show that cannas are very hardy plants that will grow anywhere and with no fuss. I am not sure how they were able to grow but grow they did.


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