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Help? What Canna is This?? I can't plant until I know - w/ Pics

17 years ago


This is my first time on the Canna forum. Usually I'm in the Arizona or Xeriscape forums...But I'm hoping someone here can help?

On a lark I bought these Cannas thinking there were only a few types and that I could figure out which type these are. Boy, do I know better now!

These are perfect for my color scheme, but I'm worried about how tall they might get and won't plant them until I'm sure about the height, so I can figure out how much space they need.

After looking at several sites devoted to Cannas, I still can't decide which genus these might be... And there is a *big* difference when it comes to size among the entire orange-flower-with-purplish-leaf varieties.

Can you help?





If you click on the photo, it should take you to my Flickr site where you can choose to see the photos even larger.

Thanks *so much* for any help, it will be greatly appreciated!

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