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Baby toes and split rock. Growing help?

16 years ago

I just bought these two wonders. I am in love.

However I would like more info about their care than just the tage gives me.

Can I grow these two together in the same pot?

For baby toes the tag says:

bright light

gets 3 inches tall

blooms in spring and fall

water when dry

but then the back of the tag says:

water thouroughly when dry to the touch

(jus the surface soil, or all the way throughout?)

For split rock it says:

bright light

to 3 inches tall

blooms in spring and fall

water when dry

but the back of the tage says:

water thouroughly, but allow to dry between waterings.

So that confuses me with the baby toes. At first it seems it can be planted with the split rock, but then maybe it cant?

I also bought a stunning coral cactus, and was hoping I could plant all three together, granted I find the right soil mix sooooon! Does anyone know if a meijer, menards, or lowes sells a good soil mix that would work? Those are my only store options to buy from.... oh... theres a new walmarts too, but I'd rather not go there, if I can help it.



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