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Manzanita placement help

12 years ago

I went to a native plant sale this weekend and bought a manzanita, even though I don't really have a place for it :( I neeeeeeeded it! It's a 'Sentinel,' which says it will get to around 6 feet high (no info on spread). The manzanita guy at the sale said this one could withstand some pruning to keep the size down.

Here's the front yard:

I'm considering pulling out those awful fortnight lilies to the right of the stairs. For reference, 6 feet would come right to the bottom of the front window's glass. I'm even considering taking out the Japanese maple, which seems too close to the house to me (it came with the house). Would the manzanita work in that nook next to the stairs? The front of the house faces west, so it gets sun all afternoon (but none in the morning).

Here is a link that might be useful: Closer up of the lilies

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