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Memo to self: Don't trust P.O. to mail plants.

18 years ago

Hello, folks.

You know, I get the feeling that Someone out there just wants me to pour concrete all over my lawn and garden. Or maybe live in an apartment. Without a balcony.

It's just NOT safe to be a plant around me. If you're a tomato, you get massacred; if you're a may end up mulch.

This'll look familiar to someone: I used part of this in a letter to the-person-who-I-was-sending-them-too. Just another fun day around Merri's Garden. Or, as I like to think of it, "Kudzu Hell".

You see, I packed up a few of my bigger Datura (White Devil's Trumpet) seedlings (I've sent live plants before, they were well-packed), and took them to the PO here in our small town. The usual postmistress (my neighbor) is on vacation, so I simply did the mailing with the clerk there.

I ASSUMED that telling her that they were live plants would get the service I USUALLY get with Canada Post: quick and easy, and handled carefully. Instead, she "wasn't sure what to do about it" (I found this out later) so she put them aside until she found out the right procedure. Several days later she calls "as a courtesy", just to let me know it's OK to send them.

NOW she calls me?

Turns out she's new and was confused over domestic and international shipping of plant materials. There are many restrictions when you're crossing borders (as it should be), but NOT in Canada.

I should have made sure she knew what the hell she was doing before I walked out that door. I told her I'd strangle her if she sent them now, and to hold them RIGHT THERE. I went over, opened them up....yeah. You can imagine what 10 days in this heatwave did to them. Gourmet compost. DAMN it!

REALLY nice of them to refund my money, wasn't it? Maybe she noticed my homicidal glare....

Now I gotta figure out what to do next. I still have some seedlings, and they may even make it to the flower stage this year. Or I can send seeds (single-white Datura, and double-purple a neighbor has promised me this fall). One way or anther I want to make this right. I DID promise those plants, and I know how disappointing it is to expect something that never shows up.

Is it possible to Go Postal on your local P.O.?



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