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Surprise surprise!

15 years ago

A whole bunch of them!

I have actually managed to germinate some Actaea seeds! It was my fourth try - these were sown in fall of 2005 and this spring they are germinating!!

Many of my seedlings from last year have survived this cold crappy winter. I have growth or swelling buds on my Magnolia kousa, Japanese lilac, peonies, Heuchera, Clematis and Campsis seedlings!

Olives everywhere! I can only assume the squirrel did this, but there are pickled olives all over the place. Too bad they won't turn into a pickled olive tree! A couple of years ago it was marbles. I must have the stupidest squirrels in existence!

I have some new lilies. The squirrels have obviously raided someone's lilies and buried a lot of bulbils (maybe they're not so stupid after all). I have found over a dozen so far. They're definitely not from mine - all mine are accounted for. Hopefully they're from something nice! I guess I'll find out in a couple of years :-)

And some bad surprises. I lost every last lupin. My Stachys is dead, as are my Centurea macrocephalla plants. Those are supposed to be tough and more than hardy for me. I've never had problems with them before. My four Buddleia bushes are toast - they didn't have the snow cover they need for me.

What were your surprises this year?


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