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Ot Monday was my first day being retired

honeybunny2 Fox
13 years ago

I finally retired after almost 44 years working for the same company. My last day at work, I was told we were having a stand up meeting, everyone was standing holding a plant. I was speachless, and started to cry. It took me all week to plant all those plants. I started working there 1 month after I graduated from high school in 1966. So far I have not missed it, but I have stayed busy. I will finally have time to figure out how to use my camera, so I can post picutres. It will be awhile since most of my plants are just coming back from their roots. Thank goodness, I got the brugmansia cuttings from Eddie. Thank you Eddie! I only have one daylily that is blooming right now. The hibiscus should start blooming next weekend, they are full of buds. I will take my camera next weekend. We finally cut down the last of the frozen cuban royal plam trees. The dump said it weighted 550 lbs, it was the shortest of the 3 we lost. I wish we could plant new trees, but we have to figure out how to get rid of the roots. Does anyone have any idea, other than hiring someone. I am thinking of putting oil on the root and letting it just soak in, and then after about 6 months just lighting a match. I think it would burn out the root, do you think that would work? Barbra,

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